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We accept Visa/MasterCardTeknolab Holding started its activity in the field of IP Telephony in 2007. Growing rapidly and steadily, Teknolab Holding opened its sub-branches in different countries for different purposes, which are as follows:

Unlim-Net, which is registered in Russia as a landline operator with its own retail traffic by means of providing services to end users in different regions of Russia. URL: http://unlim-net.ru

Novametro OU, being registered in Estonia, is used for interconnection with Tier1 and 2 operators all over the world. URL: http://novametro.eu

Teknolab LLC, the Georgian based company belonging to Teknolab Holding, is founded for the sake of interconnecting with CIS operators to transit our retail traffic originated from Unlim-Net through them.

Moreover, Teknolab Holding benefits from professional and experienced staff, who are providing 24-hour support to all partners.

Furthermore, among the key partners of Teknolab Holding, bright names like: Vodafone, Airtel, Verizon, T-Mobile, China Mobile, Viber, TATA, DT can be mentioned.

Main goals

  • Provide quality services to our wholesale and retail carriers
  • Meet the requirements of our customers
  • Building of long-term business relationships
  • Flexible and on time payments

Ongoing projects

  • Creating of card platform solutions in CIS
  • Developing of own infrastructure
  • Engaging of MVNO in Russia